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raina shannon

Firefly Fiber Arts Studio – Brand Design

Paiting of firefly's is a jar

Inspiration for the name and branding of Firefly Fiber Arts Studio came from a drawing the client's sister made as a child.

A cross stich of firefly's is a jar

Later, their grandmother made a cross stitch piece inspired by this playful image of fireflies caught in a jar, and the two became special to the family, especially after the passing of the sister.

Wanting to include these beloved women in the development of this creative business, the client and I worked together to create a simple, playful brand mark that not only served to honor her family, but also subtly spoke to the mission to sell only sustainable materials and to be as plastic free as possible. purple website redesign

The client opened Firefly Fiber Arts Studio as a way to "be a light" – to inspire others to be makers the way her family has inspired her, and to help raise awareness about crafting with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. pink website redesign pink website redesign pink website redesign

Firefly Fiber Arts Studio is located in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL.

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