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raina shannon

Spirit Airlines – Brand Refresh

Spirit Airlines purple boarding pass

The main inspiration for a Spirit Airlines brand refresh arose out of the desire to create a clean & more efficient user experience where passengers would have an easier time obtaining important flight & booking information. The geometric & color-blocked look was designed to create visual excitement as well of a sense of spontaneous adventure to young fliers who are just starting to travel independently or with friends & young families.

Spirit Airlines pink boarding pass
Spirit Airlines yellow boarding pass purple website redesign – Newly designed with the idea of reducing advertising noise & distraction. The new design conveys the most important functions of an airline site for consumers: Getting a flight, checking in to the flight, checking status & details, or managing frequent flier membership ("Club 9"). pink website redesign yellow website redesign
Spirit purple bag tag
Spirit pink bag tag
Spirit Yellow bag tag

Designed to complement the boarding passes, these baggage tags combine a sense of the old & new, but also clearly lay out the information needed by the passenger, the airline, & airport staff.

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